Detailed Career History for Leigh Ratiner


Attorney and business Consultant specializing in strategic analysis, management organization, mediation, government relations, international transactions, counseling of foreign governments and the drafting and negotiation of agreements for carrying out economic and commercial objectives.

Counseled and negotiated on behalf of start-up software company in the formulative stages of corporate organization, mergers and capital formation.

Consultant to General Motors' effort to re-organize its Detroit based Technology Center's Washington component and develop ways for it to interface with the scientific and political community  in Washington.

Adjunct Professor of Law at the University of Maryland School of Law teaching legal writing, ADR, pre-trial practice, ethics, oral advocacy and negotiating skills.

Counselor to the UNP party in Sri Lanka (now) the opposition party regarding the civil war there and Sri Lanka's relations with the United States government. Provided strategic advice at senior-most levels for meshing Sri Lankan political and economic objectives with United States political and economic programs as they affect the future of Sri Lanka.

Director of Government and Media Relations, Broadneck Federation of Community Associations. Responsible for interaction with Media, County Executive and County Council on behalf of 40,000 members of the Federation in order to blend conflicting positions between citizens and public officials.

 Member, David Taylor Redevelopment Advisory Committee. Appointed by the County Executive, Anne Arundel County. This position involves advising the County and the County Council on the highly controversial conversion of an Annapolis Naval facility to an industrial/office park.

Mergers and acquisitions and provider of specialized negotiating training and assistance to various clients in the health care industry and manufacturing industries.

 Legal counsel and government relations advisor to a federal law enforcement officer accused of lying to Congress.

Mediator of disputes among businesses and community associations.


Adjunct Professor of Law at American University teaching the skills of blending public policy positions with government action taking into account the role of the media, law and competing negotiating realities.


Partner at Dickstein, Shapiro and Morin, Washington D.C

Organized and managed a global effort in the United States, Japan, England, Germany, and Canada representing a consortium of large mining companies and was successful in moving major legislation through eleven committees of Congress which established mining rights in deep ocean space where none had existed before while ensuring that this activity was accomplished consistently with the needs and objectives of the Third World.
Successfully organized and provided political advice and implementation of political objectives on behalf of goals of the American tuna industry, the New England fisheries industry and the Shrimp Harvesters Coalition.  All of these efforts involved resolving complex issues with other countries over competing claims to resources.
Advised the National Space Coalition on its political objectives for peaceful uses of outer space and for potential economic development in that environment.
Represented the New England fisheries industry in a dispute between Canadian and American competing claims to living resources off their respective coasts. Stopped Senate ratification of a US-Canadian treaty opposed by the New England fisherman.
Organized several groups in developing and bringing to fruition effective trade associations and ad hoc lobbying coalitions.
On behalf of Mitsubishi worked with a coalition of other mining companies to develop policy and legislation for the use of mineral resources in Alaska's wilderness
Managed complex litigation in the government procurement field on behalf of Saco Defense Inc. in regard to the award of a contract by the Army of the new standard issue side arm. Also served as Saco's General Counsel and was regularly involved in the negotiation and settlement of government procurement issues.
Sued and successfully settled litigation with the Department of the Treasury and the US Mint to include my client A-Mark Precious Metals as part of a government sponsored cartel for the sale of coins to the public.
Won a groundbreaking decision in Bankruptcy Court in the infamous Inslaw litigation, which involved allegations of government misuse and confiscation of Inslaw's major software product.
Advised the President of the Government of Liberia in the re-organization of his cabinet and served as Liberia's representative in the United States. I was a frequent advisor to the President of Liberia, the Foreign Minister and the Minister in charge of securing foreign investment and organized numerous trade missions to Liberia.
Represented the Kennecott Copper Corporation, Mitsubishi, Consolidated Gold Fields, BP and Noranda Mining as chief legislative strategist and senior advisor to the United States Delegation to the Law of the Sea Conference to create an investment climate conducive to massive new investments in new technologies for resource development.
Deputy Chairman of the United States Delegation and Chief American Negotiator to the United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea for the Department of State during the Reagan Administration (while on leave of absence from Dickstein, Shapiro & Morin 1981-`1982). I was responsible for the development of United States positions through the National Security Council, coordination with all interested government agencies, the environmental community, the scientific community and the private sector and managed the United States Delegation of over 150 government officials from a dozen different agencies of government. I was the chairman of the group of industrialized countries at the Conference and the principal negotiator on their behalf with the 120-country caucus comprising the Third World. This conference was the most significant large scale attempt in history to blend developing country economic objectives with United States economic and strategic objectives.


Administrator, the Ocean Mining Administration, U.S. Department of the Interior .
Created and managed the Ocean Mining Administration as a new unit under the Assistant Secretary for Energy and Minerals and established its role in the myriad of Washington agencies and departments to ensure Interior Department leadership in all matters affecting new mineral resource development in the world's oceans.

Conceived and implemented domestic and international legal frameworks for the inception of seabed mineral development.
Served as United States negotiator for seabed minerals at the 150-nation Conference on the Law of the Sea.
Supervised the preparation of the first environmental impact statement for seabed mining.
Worked extensively with the House Interior Committee, House Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee, Senate Interior Committee, Senate Commerce Committee and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee


Deputy Assistant Administrator for International Affairs, Federal Energy Office
 (On special assignment from the Department of the Interior).
to assist Bill Simon as the new head of the White House Federal Energy Office to help create and organize what is now the Department of Energy.)
Developed and implemented programs for the oil consuming countries during the OPEC oil embargo to encourage joint conservation efforts and improve the economic climate for developing new technologies for alternate sources to fossil fuels.
Member of the United States Delegation to the Washington Energy Conference
Directed a staff of fifty energy and foreign affairs specialists as Deputy Assistant Administrator for Consumer Country Affairs.


Director of Ocean Resources, U.S. Department of the Interior
Directed the development of policy for the future of off-shore mineral resource development.
Conducted international negotiations at the request of the Department of State regarding international developments which threatened American access to vital raw materials and the conduct of scientific research in the world's oceans.
Drafted and negotiated with all interested parties in Congress, private industry and the scientific and environmental communities domestic laws, regulations and environmental impact statements affecting offshore resources.
Represented the Secretary of the Interior on the National Security Council Interagency Task Force on the Law of the Sea which developed policies on ocean pollution, military uses of the Oceans, mineral resources and living resources of the sea.


Counsel for Western Hemisphere Affairs, Office of the Secretary of Defense

Served as counsel for Western Hemisphere Affairs to the Secretary of Defense advising on both political and legal issues. Engineered the re-organization of the Department of Defense's efforts to relate to the Department of State, the National Security Council and other interested departments and agencies in the pursuit of policy objectives for ocean related matters.

Negotiated sales of military equipment and supplies in Latin America and Western Europe.
Drafted and negotiated Status of Forces Agreements and base rights agreements.
 Chaired the Defense Advisory Group on the Law of the Sea reporting directly to the Deputy Secretary of Defense, David Packard.
Successfully represented American military personnel in foreign countries including obtaining freedom for an American Air Force Colonel accused of manslaughter in Costa Rica pursuant to a special request from the Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American affairs.
Conducted liaison with the House and Senate Armed Services Committee.
Served as the Secretary of Defense personal representative and policy advisor to the United States Delegation to the Law of the Sea Conference and was instrumental in organizing and initiating that conference. Drafted with four others the first major treaty proposal put before that Conference after its approval by President Nixon.


Attorney Advisor (International), Office of the General Counsel, Federal Aviation Agency.
Developed and coordinated with the Department of State, Civil Aeronautics Board and members of congress United States policy positions for international aviation agreements and served as a member of numerous delegations to the International Civil Aviation Organization.
Chaired a Sub-group of the Interagency Committee on International Aviation.
 Served as counsel to Washington National Airport and Dulles International Airport.
 Provided advice to all elements of the FAA and was responsible for the policy which permitted the French and British Concorde to obtain landing rights in the United States.
Assisted in the negotiation of the Tokyo Convention on Crimes Aboard Aircraft and the proposed treaty on The Liability of Air Traffic Control Agencies.